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Archdiocesan Pastoral Council

Pastoral Council

An Archdiocesan Pastoral Council has been formed by Archbishop Wilton D. Gregory to allow him to see and hear what is going on in the archdiocese. The archbishop said that he needs to know these things and that he can't be a good bishop if he doesn't know what is happening. The meetings of the council are a time to hear the issues in the archdiocese. No topic should be off limits; however, some things cannot be changed, the archbishop noted.

Archbishop Gregory also stated that the council should be educational. Since people don't always agree, the council members will share their opinions and desires; and should the archbishop say no, he give an explanation why he made that decision. The concerns of the council should be broad based about the life of the archdiocese rather than an individual/school acceptance/clergy problems, etc. Focus issues should be forwarded directly to the appropriate department.

The archbishop was asked what kinds of things should come before the council. Archbishop Gregory said that he used the councils in his other dioceses to present initiatives, to review things and to evaluate. Also, he desires that the executive committee of the Council will meet with the Priest's Council. Hopefully, this will happen four times a year. He stated that this is an opportunity to have the two councils share the things they are doing.

An pastoral council executive committee has been chosen for a one-year term. Timothy J. Buckley, III and Alan Talley were selected as members. Deacon Dennis Dorner, chancellor, noted that Archbishop Gregory is the chair of the council and of the executive committee.

Archbishop Gregory remarked that the council is made up of strong, well-educated and active Catholics. He says that meeting with this group is like having a conversation with the archdiocese. There are 23 members of the council including people from all areas and cultures of the archdiocese. Meetings are held quarterly on Saturdays.

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