The Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Atlanta  

Ten-year-old Lacey Jarrell, left, and her grandmother Lola Daniel of Homer, Ga. applaud pro-life speakers during a Jan. 22, 2004 Together for Life memorial service and rally in front of the state capitol marking the 31st anniversary of the U.S. Supreme Court decision to legalize abortion in the United States. Photo by Michael Alexander, The Georgia Bulletin

Respect Life Ministry

Mission Statement

To assist the Archbishop of Atlanta in promoting and implementing the United States Bishops’ annual Respect Life Program and Pastoral Plan for Pro-Life Activities.


  • An educational/public information effort to inform, clarify and deepen understanding of the basic issues.
  • A pastoral effort addressed to the specific needs of women with problems related to pregnancy and to those who have had or have taken part in an abortion.
  • A public policy effort directed toward the legislative, judicial and administrative areas so as to insure effective legal protection for the right to life.*


The Respect Life Ministry coordinates and directs pro-life efforts within the Archdiocese. To fulfill this role, we rely on information and direction from the Bishops’ Pro-Life Office and the National Committee for a Human Life Amendment.

On a parish level, the parish Pro-Life committees sponsor and conduct a variety of pro-life activities, which can include educational programs, support and aid to pregnancy counseling groups, and grassroots legislative action.


Underlying every part of our program is the need for prayer and sacrifice. It is our deep belief in the truth of God’s love for all human beings at every age and stage of development that brings us to this ministry. We also believe that our efforts will only be blessed when we base our work in prayer.

*Pastoral Plan for Pro-Life Activities, National Conference of Catholic Bishops, November 20, 1975.