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Fortnight For Freedom Reflections and Resources

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06/23 - 24/2012

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06/30 - 07/01/2012

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Action Alerts

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House Bill 954 pdf Georgia House Bill 954: Protection for Unborn Children Capable of Feeling Pain UPDATE


Health Care Reform pdf Stop Abortion Funding in Health Care Reform! Protect Conscience, Ensure Affordable Health Coverage, Allow Immigrants to Purchase Private Health Insurance
8/28/2009 Catholic Church's Position on Health Care

The United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) has established a special website for accurate information on the USCCB position on health care. Please check this website regularly for accurate information and resources on this critical issue affecting the Catholic community.

8/5/2009 Health Care Reform Adobe PDF Cardinal Rigali Urges House Committee to Support Pro-Life Amendments to
Health Care Reform Bill
7/22/09 Health Care Reform Adobe PDF Health Care Reform Must Exclude Abortion and Preserve Conscience Rights
5/8/2009 Embryonic Stem Cell Research Adobe PDF Urgent Need to Oppose Destructive Stem Cell Research
4/6/2009 Conscience Protection Adobe PDF Urgent Need to Protect Conscience Rights for Health Care Workers
3/23/2009 Senate Bill 169 Adobe PDF "The Ethical Treatment of Human Embryos Act"


Date Topic Title
3/18/2010 Health Care Reform Update pdf Available Resources
3/12/2010 Health Care Reform Update pdf Abortion Funding in the Senate Health Care Reform Bill
3/02/2010 Catholic Day at the Capitol Invitation pdf Catholic Day at the Capitol Memo
2/25/2010 U.S. Bishops Health Care Update pdf Bishops Call For Bipartisan Action To Advance Health Care Reform That Protects Human Life and Dignity
2/5/08 The Human Life Amendment (HLA) Adobe PDF Reflections on Georgia House Resolution 536
1/8/08 The Human Life Amendment (HLA)

Statement of the Catholic Bishops of Georgia Regarding Georgia House Resolution 536

Declaración de los Obispos Católicos de Georgia Sobre la Resolución 536 de la Cámara de Representantes del estado de Georgia

12/18/08 Conscience Protection Adobe PDF Bishops Welcome HHS Regulation Protecting Conscience Rights In Health Care


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