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Newspapers of all sorts far and wide are facing significant financial trauma. Some of the oldest and most revered dailies are recognizing and attempting to respond to the universally changing horizon of the media. And many of them have grown leaner while others have ultimately ceased publication. Cities that once boasted two daily newspapers are now facing the prospect of having none at all.  

And all of this is happening at the very moment when communications have never been so vital, widespread or valuable. Printed newspapers may be going the way of the telegraph. It too was once the state-of-the-art method of getting messages transmitted.... Read More

Pray for our Seminarians

photoAfter discerning since my junior year of high school and actively participating in my home parish, St. John Neumann in Lilburn, I decided to join the Archdiocese of Atlanta as a seminarian in July 2004.

After finishing college in 2006, I was assigned to attend seminary in Rome, close to the Holy Father, to complete my preparation for priesthood. My experience as a seminarian has been a blessing as I have grown closer to the Lord in prayer and in the desire to spend my life following the call of the Good Shepherd to serve the Church of Atlanta.

In Christ, Llane Briese.

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Solve the Mystery

The Office of Archives and Records collects Archdiocesan history and unique materials. In some cases there is no information about why, when or how certain items originally made their way to the Archives.

One such mystery is a beautiful stained glass window of Saint Elizabeth. Most likely it was designed by the Franz Mayer & Company of Munich in the early 1900s. Mayer also designed windows for Saint Joseph Infirmary, Saint Joseph Orphanage, and Sacred Heart Church . Please contact the Archives at 404-978-0796 or email if you have information about this window.

Office of Archives and Records


Pope Benedict XVI has named Monsignor Luis Rafael Zarama, 50, vicar general of the Archdiocese of Atlanta, to be auxiliary bishop of Atlanta. The appointment was announced in Washington, July 27, by Archbishop Pietro Sambi, apostolic nuncio to the United States.... Read More and Hear the Press Conference

Atlanta Interfaith Broadcasters (AIB) will air the Ordination of Bishop-Elect Zarama live Read More

Did you know some parishes in the Archdiocese of Atlanta have Career Ministries? Read More

Father Omar Loggiodice remembers seeing a small, wooden tabernacle as a young man, and before he could fully understand the miracle of the Eucharist, he sensed God’s presence in that small resting place in the church sanctuary... Read More

Archdiocesan Schools get A+ in Key Practices

Watch the Georgia Bulletin's Slideshow presentation, A Tribute to Atlanta Priests

Providing Help. Creating Hope.

Raised with Catholic values, aborting her newly-conceived child just wasn’t an option that Teresa and her boyfriend Josh, both students in college, were willing to consider. Yet, Teresa and Josh, wanted their child to grow up in a home with parents ready in every way to take on the considerable challenges of raising a child. Teresa soon discovered she had a friend who had experienced the open adoption process through Catholic Charities and asked for her help. Soon after, Christy an adoption specialist from Catholic Charities visited Teresa. Recalling their first meeting, Teresa says, “She had a lot in common with me. She immediately came to visit me; I didn’t have to go to an office somewhere. And, she brought a list and was ready to discuss a lot of things that I hadn’t thought about.”

Today, Teresa and Josh’s son is thriving in a home they feel is perfect for him. They enjoy a close relationship with the child’s adoptive parents and both couples have made a commitment to nurturing their child-centered relationship by keeping the lines of communication open and staying focused on the child’s well-being. For more information about open adoption click here or call 404.885.7275.


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