The Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Atlanta  

Provincial Court of Appeals History

The Court of Appeals was established in 1983 by a nihil obstat of the Supreme Apostolic Signatura. The Signatura appointed the following officials:

  Initial Court Current Court


Most Reverend Thomas A. Donnellan, JCD

Most Rev. Wilton D. Gregory, STL


Judicial Vicar

Reverend Edward J. Dillon, JCD

Very Rev. Paul J. Hachey, SM, JCL



Most Reverend George E. Lynch, JCD

Rev. Gregory D. Goolsby, MDiv


Reverend Monsignor Michael J. Regan, JCD

Rev. Albert W. Jowdy, MDiv, VF


Reverend Monsignor Francis J. Murphy, JCD

Rev. Richard B. Morrow


Reverend Francis J. Nelson, JCL

Rev. James A. Schillinger, STL


Reverend Richard B. Morrow

Rev. James D. Duffy, SM, MDiv


Reverend Monsignor John F. McDonough, VG, PA

Rev. Victor A. Galier, MDiv


Reverend Monsignor R. Donald Kiernan, PA

Rev. Msgr. R. Donald Kiernan, PA


Reverend Joseph J. Beltran


Defenders of the Bond

Reverend Stephen T. Churchwell, JCD

Very Rev. Daniel J. McCormick


Reverend Anthony Green

Rev. Msgr. Peter A. Dora, MDiv


Reverend E. Peter Ludden

Ms. Roberta Seigwald


Reverend John Henley



Promoter of Justice

Reverend Monsignor Jerry E. Hardy

Very Rev. Daniel J. McCormick



Sister Frances Whitman, GNSH

Ms. Marguerite (Meg) Fortino






Rev. Randall Mattox, MDiv


Rev. Mr. Dennis Dorner


Rev. Mr. Steve Swope


Rev. Msgr. Henry C. Gracz, MDiv


Rev. Kevin J. Hargadan, MDiv


Rev. Victor J. Reyes, MDiv


Rev. Eric Hill, MDiv


Rev. Paul W. Berny, MDiv