This Web site has been redesigned to make it easier for parishes and schools to read, share and comply with the Archdiocesan Large Capital Project Process introduced in 2008.  The information needed to understand and follow this Large Capital Project Process is now contained in a series of PowerPoint presentations that are linked to this web page.

This Web site is designed to achieve two primary goals:

  1. To help parishes and schools understand how to begin their large capital project.
  2. To explain the steps needed and materials used to obtain the three approvals required from the Archbishop when undertaking a large capital project.

The parish or school is the most important player in a Large Capital Process.  However, there are several Archdiocesan offices are available and necessary throughout the process.

Links to PowerPoint Presentations

Please go through the PowerPoint Presentations in the order presented below for an overview of the process.

As you go through the PowerPoint Presentations, you will see hyperlinks that you may click on for more detail. You will need internet access for these links to work. In addition, the referenced forms are also available in our Key Documents and Tools.

Also, we would like to draw your attention to the Frequently Asked Questions as it may answer many of your queries.

  • Master Planning Process Overview
  • Large Capital Process – What Is It?
  • Large Capital Process – Steps 1 and 2
  • Large Capital Process – Steps 3 and 4
  • Large Capital Process – Steps 5, 6 and 7

Please note: these presentations are not inclusive of all project exceptions. The process presented is a general overview and may not account for every potential experience while undergoing construction. Rather, these websites will give you the language and background needed to confidently embark on your large capital project under CCSI’s guidance.