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Office of Child & Youth Protection

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The goal of the Child and Youth Protection is to protect children and vulnerable individuals from sexual abuse and provide a safe environment in the Archdiocese of Atlanta. The Office of Child and Youth Protection is divided into two separate offices: The Office of Safe Environment and The Office of Victim Assistance.  Each office has a different purpose, as described below.

  • The Office of Safe Environment is responsible for implementing and overseeing the full Archdiocesan response to the Charter for the Protection of Children and Young People (the Charter). One of the primary duties of the Office of Safe Environment is coordinating the YOU MATTER program, communicating the policies surrounding YOU MATTER, and ensuring that parishes and schools remain in compliance with YOU MATTER. To that end, the Office of Safe Environment provides educational training programs and presentations to assist staff members in becoming familiar with the Charter and the YOU MATTER program. In addition, this Office organizes the annual audits required by the Charter and oversees the internal investigation process relating to child abuse allegations involving church personnel.
  • The Office of Victim Assistance is responsible for the outreach and healing programs for those abused by church personnel. This Office organizes a pastoral response to the victim, their immediate family, and their parish family by offering resources for counseling, spiritual direction, prayer services, retreats and educational information. This Office supports victims of church personnel abuse during investigations and works as their advocate with the Archbishop's Advisory Board. Also, this Office coordinates training for clergy and staff to further their understanding and response to victims of abuse.


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